Clyde's Accomplishments 

1. Land Use Code successfully rewritten and continuously improved.

2. Used Unallocated Carryover Funds to make capital investments in buildings to save taxpayer money, previously spent on rent.

3. Coordinated the acceleration of the time frame for construction of a 4-lane section of Hwy 160 from Elmore's Corner to Dry Creek, as a member of the Region 5 Transportation Planning Board.

4. Approved the creation of the Revolving Loan Fund for invest in the purchase of workforce housing.

5. Worked to make an offer on properties to create a managed camp for unhoused residents.

6. Doubled the funding for San Juan Basin Public Health Department during the Covid-19 epidemic.

7. Encouraged the use of $1.7 million in revolving business loans as a member of the Region 9 Board, Executive Committee, and Audit Committee.

8. Supported wildfire mitigation collaborations with private, tribal, county, state, and federal government lands.